A 27-Year Legacy

This year marks the retirement of two extraordinary Oxford associates; Debbi Bennett and Bob Schaefer. We thought it only appropriate to commemorate these special individuals and take a moment to reflect on their myriad of contributions over the last 27 years.

Debora A. Bennett, CFP®
Managing Director

Debbi Bennett was the first female partner at Oxford and paved the way for the many others who have followed her. She is also one of the longest tenured Managing Directors at Oxford, and over her 27 years she has helped shape the firm’s culture and values into what they are today. Debbi also was instrumental in the creation of The Trust Company of Oxford as a significant value add for our clients.

Jeff Thomasson, CEO and Managing Director, shared, “Debbi is one of the original founding partners of Oxford, and I can truly say that her unyielding focus on understanding and meeting the needs of her clients and fellow associates has had a huge impact on Oxford that will continue to be felt for years to come. She will be missed by colleagues and clients alike.”

Debbi’s legacy at Oxford is expansive. She is known for being thoughtful and highly focused, doing what she says she will do and overall being incredibly good at what she does. She will be deeply missed.

Robert L. Schaefer, CFA, CFP®
Director, Investment Research & Oxford Investment Fellow

Bob Schaefer started at the firm in 1994. As he progressed in his tenure at Oxford, he took on the role of Director, Investment Research. Bob served as a coach and mentor to the Oxford Investment Fellows, and was someone the team grew to deeply trust and respect. Bob has been instrumental in shaping the investment team into what it looks like today.

One of Bob’s many notable contributions was that he helped form Oxford’s Aspirational Investing platform, an area in which Oxford is truly unique and innovative among our peers. Bob helped lay the foundation of research protocol, education, development of the team and delivery of this industry-leading investing program. Bob has been a key part in every aspect of how clients of Oxford invest today.

Jeffery Stroman, Managing Director and member of the Oxford Investment Board, shared, “Bob has always been a steady hand, even through some of the most difficult periods of time and change within the firm. His consistency and level-headed approach was a huge asset to the team, and helped make the Oxford Investment Fellows what they are today. He will be truly missed.”

Bob’s presence will be missed, but thanks to his leadership, his legacy will continue.