The Oxford Why

Why, Vision, Mission, Values

When describing Oxford’s commitment to its clients, many words come to mind — passion, excellence, quality, leadership, expertise. But beneath the surface, one word, above all others, creates the foundation for our core beliefs: Fiduciary.

Though the term has become a buzzword for financial services across the media and in the public consciousness, there are few firms that can actually boast of their dedication to the truest definition of the word. This is why, for us, the word fiduciary ties into our vision and our values. More than just a buzzword, fiduciary has a legal mandate attached to it by the Securities and Exchange Commission: We are legally, and without bias, giving you our best advice.

As you likely have experienced, the mandate as your fiduciary bleeds into everything we do including our benchmarks for client service, our belief that the stewardship of your legacy requires passion, our alignment of interests and inspired solutions customized to your unique situation.

Oxford has been a pioneer in treating people in this manner – equally engaged in years 5, 10 or 20 of our relationship as we are in the first year. This is a key differentiator for us and a guiding principle that we believe delivers better management, better investment advice and better returns than that of multi-billion-dollar firms that dominate the skyscrapers and airwaves.

Even in helping our clients withstand the challenges brought upon by COVID-19, we understood that we had to rely on our core philosophies, to dig deep and challenge ourselves to be creative and focused, in order to successfully navigate these challenges. And as soon as it was safe to do so, we reopened our offices and resumed meeting with our clients face-to-face.

For us, it comes down to our culture and the familial connectedness that exists between Oxford and its clients – or, more accurately, “owners working with owners.” That’s because our Managing Directors, Oxford Investment Fellows and Family Office Fellows are partners at Oxford, a reality that underscores the power of aligned interests that is part of Oxford’s core values. We believe this ownership stake, our objectivity and our independence further reinforce our belief that we are on this journey together.