Oxford Strong

Clearly, the past two years have been a very challenging time for all of us, in ways that were commonly shared on a global scale, but for which we at Oxford were uniquely prepared. Thankfully.

For us, it was compelling to watch how our culture of caring and our model of owners working with owners and discriminating institutions was reflected in our ability to withstand the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, we had challenges. But, universally our associates (over 160 strong in our five offices) and the 700-plus clients who we consider part of our own extended family, rose to and elevated above the challenge.

Our success this year is due in no small part to a vision that is 40 years in the making. From the moment we hung our shingle, we had a vision to build an organization working with clients like you.

We hope through this year’s annual report you gained a better sense of how we think, react and build bridges between our clients, opportunities and a safe and secure generational future.

We are proud of the fact that when you pick up the phone, you don’t work with a person beholden to quotas or focused on earnings per share; and when you invest, you don’t need to worry about funding finder’s fees, kickbacks or corporate-sponsored financial arrangements. Instead, you reach an Oxford owner, who has a financial alignment of interest with you, and is culturally motivated to do everything possible to offer the best advice around sound investments and multi-generational estate planning solutions for our clients. We are a total fiduciary.

We’ve pondered our own future lately as we’ve considered what has kept us “Oxford Strong.” From commitment to community, through our Brixton Borough initiative; to our role in helping departing business owners realize their ultimate dreams; to the world of aspirational opportunities we connect with; to helping families achieve their legacy through Bespoke Generational Solutions – all of it is a reflection of our reverence and ongoing commitment to dynamic growth for each and every family member and institution with whom we partner.

As Jeff shared in his letter at the beginning of this report, we share an eternal optimism about our ability to continue to transcend global havoc, to rise above the challenges of the day and to prepare each and every family and institution for a bright and realized future. We are glad that you are with us on this journey.

Again, thank you for your business and friendship!