The Oxford Way

The Trust Company of Oxford

At The Trust Company of Oxford we work alongside your Managing Director and our Family Office Fellows to make sure we stay on top of changing tax laws and minimize the impact that new tax regulations have on your financial legacy.

Having a trust protector in place – sooner rather than later – is the key to staying one step ahead of new tax legislation, including the dreaded threat of the reduction of the gift and estate tax exemptions. Although we are forced to wait and see when it comes to the evolution of tax laws, embracing the decision to form a trust is not subject to similar inertia.

There are an array of trusts which can help accomplish and preserve your legacy, regardless of your specific current and future needs. Here are just a few of the trusts that The Trust Company of Oxford can administer on behalf of its family offices:

I. Delaware Dynasty Multi-Generational Trusts

II. Generation-Skipping Trusts

III. Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Endowments

IV. Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

V. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

VI. Education Trusts

VII. Marital Trusts

VIII. Testamentary Trusts

IX. Revocable Trusts

X. Special Needs Trusts

Consider The Trust Company of Oxford an ultimate advisor or overseer – offering administrative flexibility and providing integral oversight of the trustees and advisors to ensure the objectives you set forth in your trusts are fulfilled. We can also serve in a variety of other fiduciary roles related to your estate – taking our knowledge of your overall financial picture and family history and putting it to work for you, your heirs and your beneficiaries.

Most importantly, we take the emotion out of what can often be a very emotional process – ensuring that the security established under your estate plan will allow your assets to benefit your future generations.