The Oxford Way

The Premier Collection of Oxford

The professionals who manage The Premier Collection of Oxford have only one goal – to do what is necessary so our multi-family clients can focus on the things that are most important to them.

The Premier Collection of Oxford represents a next-level commitment, via a suite of customized and supportive services for our clients. This suite offers our clients access to all of the technology, credit, wealth management and concierge services needed to enjoy a truly bespoke fiduciary experience.

The four value-added services found within the Premier Collection include:

I. Private Family Services: Tailored personal and family entity financial, philanthropic and administrative support provided through Oxford’s Private Family Services team.

II. M25: Access to a full suite of technology solutions, providing aggregate account details and customized reporting.

III. Wealth Credit: Access to private banking and lending solutions, including mortgage, construction financing and securities lending.

IV. Elite Wealth Services: A tailored approach to cash management, custody, clearing and settlement through multi-trillion-dollar sized partners managed by your highly credentialed Oxford team.

What it all means is this: From the mundane — a bill to pay or a purchase to make — to a large purchase — financing a new home, selling a business or securing a legacy — the Premier Collection team facilitates everything needed to successfully complete the task. We custom curate the services you need for peace of mind, including providing financial management, handling administrative duties for your day-to-day personal finances and taking on virtually any other associated tasks that would help you carve out more space in your life.

Of course, we’re also there for the reconciliation – providing dynamic and detailed reports; working with other members of your advisory team to manage estate planning and tax planning responsibilities; and helping protect your wealth to pass down through the generations.

You’ve invested a lifetime to build your success. Through the Premier Collection, Oxford invests in you. We provide a team to handle the everyday tasks so you can live your dreams, rather than plan them.