The Oxford Way

Bespoke Generational Solutions

At Oxford, we realize that foretelling what’s to come can be difficult. But preparing for a legacy that will last for generations, including the future needs of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond, need not be left to chance. That’s why Oxford has developed a future-focused offering called Bespoke Generational Solutions, a custom-designed, dynamic family office approach that grows and changes with the needs of the family today, tomorrow and beyond.

It’s a natural fit for the culture and fiduciary focus that drive our business here at Oxford, where so much of our work is built around serving as a family office for our clients. It’s a practice more than 40 years in the making. In fact, among our clients today are members of the third and fourth generations of families that we started working with at our founding.

Through our Bespoke Generational Solutions, we try to bring innovation and consistency to our clients’ lives while we focus on – and plan for – each family’s specific needs as they evolve through time. It’s a process that can’t be built on a computer using a template. Instead, it’s a very personal level of service, involving close communication between our family and yours.

We also work closely with your team of CPAs, attorneys and other advisors, serving as the center point of a collaboration with the goal of providing both an unmatched level of service and peace of mind, regardless of external factors.

We help navigate the complexities of both foreseen and unpredictable events. In either scenario, Bespoke Generational Solutions provides the through line – a team of dedicated professionals who are the champions for you and your family, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

We know that you have worked hard to create the legacy you wish to protect. Bespoke Generational Solutions helps provide that protection, taking into account goals and wishes for current family members, as well as those to come.