The Oxford Way

Oxford’s Voting Shares Are in the Dynasty Trust

In a world where the incredible proliferation of investment advisors selling out to private equity firms, roll ups and banks has continued to expand exponentially every year, we are proud that Oxford can say with certainty that we will be here not just for the long term, but forever.

Though many registered investment advisors put their clients through a hamster wheel of ownership changes, Oxford is, and will remain, an independent advisory practice for you, your children, their children and for generations to come.

This is because of Oxford’s unique ownership structure, known as a dynasty trust. As the name indicates, Oxford’s voting shares reside in a unique but long-standing legal vehicle, a fortress where the ownership of Oxford is protected in perpetuity. This means we can’t be sold upon the passing of any principal, nor can we be enticed by a prospective suitor dangling a buyout offer. There won’t be one single individual looking for an exit plan or a big windfall from a Wall Street titan. Such buyouts constitute an astounding trend that has been fueled by a recent explosion of RIAs — but one that we proudly have inoculated ourselves against.

Instead, the trust anoints our entire leadership team as owner/partners, and there is a set succession plan which is updated regularly with the goal of benefiting our clients and future generations with continuity of knowledge and viability. For our clients, they can rest assured that they will, now and into the future, be served directly by an owner of the firm and a fiduciary who is bound to put their interests first. When we say we have zero conflicts, we mean what we say and back it up, in part, with the dynasty trust.

Not only does the dynasty trust assure that our clients won’t someday wake up to unexpected news of a sale and the potential eventual conflicts that result from it, but it holds as sacrosanct the tribal knowledge that has powered the 40 years (and counting) of successful outcomes that Oxford has become known for.